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What is the basic process?

STEP 1 SHARING INFORMATION The Association submits ledgers, current balance sheet, any existing attorney agreements (for review), profit and loss statement and the current and prior two year budgets, which Axiom will use to create your customized strategy.

STEP 2 ACCOUNT RECOVERY REVIEW After analyzing the Axiom shared information, Axiom will meet with the Board Member to review and approve the schedule of accounts that Axiom can recover.

STEP 3 AGREEMENT CONFIRMATION The Association board approves the agreement and begins the Road to Recovery process with Axiom.

STEP 4 ROAD TO RECOVERY The Axiom  representative, PM/CAM and accounting contact meet to review the Welcome Package- which includes the Schedule of Assignments, Servicing Guidelines, copies of the executed agreement and other important documents.

What is it based upon?

In exchange for the rights to recover delinquent assessments, we advance capital to the Association. The total amount of working capital is based on the number of accounts, and the individual circumstances of each.

The check is delivered to the Association upon completion of the full Underwriting process following receipt of the executed Agreement.


How does Axiom go about recovering past-due assessments?

We recover delinquencies through comprehensive owner and property identification, personal and collaborative debtor outreach campaigns, credit bureau reporting, Asset & Risk Analysis, 24 hour online reporting and if ultimately deemed necessary, the pursuit of various forms of legal action.

What happens once Axiom recovers delinquent amounts?

Beyond the initial working capital amount, all of the remaining assessments we recover are returned to the Association, payable within twenty one (21) days of closing the account.

How is Axiom able to successfully recover delinquent assessments from accounts on which others have been unable to recover?

There are two fundamental reasons we are successful where others have been less so. First, we take a thoughtfully-designed, personalized approach to resolving each individual delinquency. We utilize the most sophisticated tools available to track down accurate and current owner and property information, make personal, in-depth calls to understand the hows and whys of each homeowner’s delinquency, and take the time necessary to tailor recovery efforts accordingly.

Second, for COA's, we are both proactive and aggressive in accelerating mortgage foreclosures. The sooner a foreclosure action is brought to a conclusion, the sooner a paying entity takes title to the real estate—so who is much less important than when.


How much does it cost the Association to engage Axiom’s services?

Nothing. As long as an account remains with Axiom, the Association will never make out-of-pocket payments to us for our working capital and recovery services. Once our highly-trained team collects delinquent assessments, we are compensated by keeping the late fees, interest and reimbursable expenses recovered on accounts assigned to Axiom. All remaining outstanding assessments we collect are returned to the Association, regardless of the amount.

Is the Association charged if ACR cannot recover on a delinquency?

As long as an account remains with Axiom, the Association will never write Axiom a check for working capital and recovery services, regardless of the amount assessments recovered and returned to the Association.


How are Axiom’s association services different from those provided by attorneys?

Axiom  has an incentive to recover the full amount owed. Most attorneys receive the same compensation regardless of the actual amount collected.

Our team conducts comprehensive debtor outreach campaigns designed to maximize recovery effectiveness.

Attorneys do not typically call debtors, though they will charge upfront costs to an Association for collection and lien filings, regardless of whether or not they successfully recover delinquent assessments. Additionally, Association attorneys are often passive in their efforts to defend foreclosures.

If an Association engages Axiom, do they still need an attorney?

For all legal matters not covered under our Service Agreement, the Association will need to retain its own legal counsel.

What if an Association already has an attorney handling its recovery?

Associations can choose one of the following options:

1) Terminate the relationship with the attorney upon assignment of those individual accounts.

2) Maintain the relationship with the attorney and not assign those individual accounts to Axiom.